Bodice rocker by splinterworks stands vertical when not in use

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Ørestad Plejecenter / Senior Housing, by JJW Arkitekter (Asli Aydin)

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Using real deer antlers and recycled metal, New York based designer Taylor Simpson has created the Moniker Cycle Horns. The deep black horns are designed to add a dramatic and clever touch to the steering point of bicycles

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"Vector Chair" by Marcin Laskowski

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'Hangzhou' bamboo stool by Chinese designer Min Chen.

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Almost Home

An Installation by Hans Kotter

Renowned German artist Hans Kotter presented his latest exhibition ‘Home Sweet Home’ at Gallery Klaus Benden in Köln, Germany in January of last year.

Kotter is well-known for his for his dexterity in harnessing the atmospheric and manipulative power of light. ‘Almost’ strays from the familiar chaotic yarn-like lighting pieces by Kotter, with this new iteration focusing on the theme of a house - a home.

The work is defined by a fragile glass structure perched on a trailer, the interior of the house complicated by the reflection of mirrors, glass and translucency.  Kotter uses the language and play of light to manufacture dizzying installations - articulating notions of memory, promises and wishes.

Almost’, 2012 by Hans Kotter
Glass House on Trailer, Metal, Mirror, Plexiglas, LEDs
220cm x 140cm x 230cm + Trailer

With thanks to designboom.

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Qatar National Convention Centre | Arata Isozaki

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