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Phrenology Diagrams from L. A. Vaught’s Practice Character Reader, 1902.

Illustrations from Vaught’s Practical Character Reader, a book on phrenology by L. A. Vaught published in 1902. His Preface: 

The purpose of this book is to acquaint all with the elements of human nature and enable them to read these elements in all men, women and children in all countries. At least fifty thousand careful examinations have been made to prove the truthfulness of the nature and location of these elements. More than a million observations have been made to confirm the examinations. Therefore, it is given the world to be depended upon. Taken in its entirety it is absolutely reliable. Its facts can be completely demonstrated by all who will take the unprejudiced pains to do so. It is ready for use. It is practical. Use it.    

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Infographics XXXXL Part 2 -Coming Soon

"We created some huge infographics for the annual report of ablynx, this year we went up 30 metres heigh, used 750 sticks and hundred of metres and dropped 22 ton of black sand on a field. Creative Director: Jim Van Raemdonck, Field Work: Phoebe De Corte, Jim Van Raemdonck, Dries Caekebeke, Philipp Von Schlechtleitner , Lieselot Verdeyen, Eline Vanheusden, Claar De Waele."

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Magical pond that changes color with the weather 

Kent Shiraishi took these photos of the Blue Pond, a beautiful body of water in Hokkaido, Japan. Blue Pond receives so much attention because of its shimmering blue hue, which changes into a lovely green in certain light. This pond owes its colors to aluminium hydroxide, a mineral which reflects blue light. 

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Bodice rocker by splinterworks stands vertical when not in use

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